You can live, work, and parent with more purpose, peace and joy when you find Authentic Success.

Striving to be your best as a professional and a parent?
Struggling to live up to your own high standards?
Stuck in what feels like the “hamster wheel of life?”

Do you want more balance, productivity, and ultimately
more peace, purpose and joy in your life?

Authentic Success is success on your own terms . . . You find it when you let go of what others expect of you, re-discover what you truly want for yourself, and then go get it.

Coaching helps you pause for reflection, reconnect to your authentic self, and get closer to your goals and dreams.

I am a life and leadership coach with a proven formula for helping high-achieving parents and professionals find their Authentic Success.

Coaching for Results
Compassionate yet direct, I am dedicated to providing a return on your coaching investment. Here are just a few examples of client results after coaching:

  • Rachel, a European bank manager and Mom of two quickly made a major life decision that she had been mulling over for more than two years.
  • Curtis, a Silicon Valley CFO and Dad of one rediscovered and owned his strengths, clarifying his next career move.
  • Jen, a government official and Mom of two got the job she could only dream of a year before. So did Kelly, a Mom of three who’d been out of the workforce for over ten years.
  • After years of feeling dread about going to work, Bill, a financial services Vice President and father of two found himself engaged and excited about his new job in Customer Relationship Management.
  • Lora, a marketing executive and Mom of two found the courage to ask for (and receive) the raise and work schedule she had previously thought impossible.

What do you want for yourself?
Are you ready to define success
on your own terms?
Let’s talk.
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A little bit about me:

I began to understand authentic success personally when I realized that I preferred helping people to selling products.  A series of events in my life came together to create a perfect storm: taking a Moms-in-Transition class, discovering Bikram yoga, witnessing the impact coaching had on my husband’s life, and finally understanding my child’s learning differences. These experiences inspired me to leave behind a 16-year consulting and marketing career to become a life and leadership coach. Now, I’m bringing my business experience and focus on results to high-achieving parents and professionals who are ready to find authentic success.

I hold an MBA from Harvard Business School, a BA from Dartmouth College, and a CPCC from The Coaches Training Institute.
My services include life coaching, executive leadership coaching, and parenting coaching for individuals and groups. I also offer Parenting with Positive Discipline™ classes and speaking events.

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