To Become an affiliate for Positive Discipline Roots (by doing it yourself rather than having me do it for you):

  1. Read and follow the instructions below carefully. If you do, it should be very easy.
  2. Sign yourself up here: and then follow the instructions below. NOTE: I am using E-Junkie to manage my Roots registration process and affiliate program. 
  3. If you are not already logged into E-junkie, this will take you to E-junkie’s login/registration page where you can:
    • Log into your existing E-junkie account;…OR…
    • Register for a new account if you don’t have one.
  4. Click the Affiliate Admin button on the top of the next screen
  5. If you registered a new account, click Edit Profile:
    • Type the PayPal Email where you want to receive commission payments;
    • Type Your Name or Business Name;
    • Provide other optional information;
    • Click Apply to save changes.
  6. The Affiliate Programs menu lists the affiliate programs you have joined; if not already selected, choose “Marcilie Smith Boyle’s Working Parenting” from the “Your Affiliate Programs” dropdown menu.
  7. This will display some information and tools for the selected program:
    • View Earnings Report – Displays a list of sales resulting from your referrals and any commissions earned on those sales;
    • More Information – Links to a page I have provided with further details, instructions, etc. for my affiliates;
    • Contact Merchant – Links to a contact form you can use to send a message to Marcilie (of course you already have my email so you don’t need this.)
  8. Product-Specific Hop Link:
    • Choose “Positive Discipline Roots” from the dropdown menu.
    • You will then see a window with some code.
    • The code provided in this window is the full HTML code that creates a clickable link when pasted directly into the raw source code of a Web page. You do not need the full HTML code for our purposes . . .
    • Since I’m asking you to place a link in email, which does not allow you to paste HTML, you will need to extract the link URL out of the code you obtain from Affiliate Admin.
    • If the HTML code for your Affiliate link looks like this:<a href="" target="ejejcsingle">Click here to view more details</a>…then the URL portion of that (which you can provide to or paste into a plain-text email or a browser address bar) would be just the red part from above:

The XXXXXX and YYYYYY parts in these examples would, of course, be different for you, and unique to your own particular codes/URLs.

Note that the URL does not include the target="ejejcsingle" from the full link code.

Once you’ve got your unique affiliate hop link (which will look something like this:, go back to the Roots Affiliate Info Page to begin customizing the email you will send to your list.