Three Steps to Authentic Success

Whether you are looking for more “balance” in your life, professional success, a new job, or a better relationship with co-workers or your kids, my results-focused coaching will help you get there. I follow a proven three-step process:

Clarity: re-connect to what really matters to you, what you really want, and what brings you fulfillment.
Authentic Success begins with finding your authentic self.

Direction: articulate inspiring goals and create a roadmap to get there.
When you know what you want vs. what others want of you, it’s so much easier to see where to go.

Movement: get momentum, inspiration, encouragement, and be held accountable to your goals and dreams.
Quite simply: big changes are hard to make alone.

What to expect from coaching with me:

I am a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach with influence from The NeuroLeadership Group’s Results Coaching Method and Positive Discipline. My coaching method mixes self-discovery with getting results, in the quickest way possible, by helping you improve or clarify your thinking. What this means in practice:

  • I’ll ask lots of questions to help you find your own truth rather than give lots of advice and sell you mine
  • We’ll explore the present and future with curiosity rather than explain or diagnose the past
  • I’ll treat you as naturally creative, resourceful, and whole rather than needing to be fixed
  • We’ll brainstorm together to open up new possibilities and solutions
  • You’ll have some work to do in between meetings: journaling, assessments, and inquiries to ponder
  • You’ll get lots of encouragement along the way
  • I’ll hold you accountable to the goals you set for yourself
  • Every conversation whether written or spoken is 100% confidential

Coaching Engagement

Duration:  A typical coaching engagement lasts a few months to years, depending on what you want, how quickly you want to make progress, and how you want to utilize me as a coach. Some clients have just one goal and complete coaching when the goal is reached. Other clients have many goals or prefer more time between meetings for reflection. Still others receive monthly coaching as “maintenance,” or bring topics to coaching that are fresh from their experience.

Frequency:  I prefer to start out with three weekly meetings to set the foundation, then move to every other week or continue on with weekly meetings.

Location:  I can meet you in my Oakland, CA office, via Skype, or via phone. Most of my clients work with me over the phone. They live all over the U.S. and Europe, too.


Standard (client has 1 to 3 goals, with time between meetings for reflection)
3 weekly meetings in the first month, then 2 meetings/month thereafter, for 4 – 5 months

Fast Track (client has one goal, and wants results fast)
12 weekly meetings of 50-55 minutes

Maintenance (after standard coaching engagement or as desired)
Package of 6 meetings to be used monthly or as needed

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Benefits of coaching with me: 

  • Clarity on what matters most to you making it easier to prioritize, make decisions, and illuminate a path forward
  • A greater sense of peace and purpose about where you are and where you’re heading
  • An encouraging partner who helps you see, appreciate, and leverage your unique strengths rather than dwell on perceived weaknesses
  • Results: clear progress toward goals that have eluded you
  • Authentic Success


Are you ready (finally!) to invest in yourself?

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