Positive Parenting in a Pandemic

Class Description:

A 4-week series highlighting key positive parenting concepts and tools that are particularly helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic. Class content is based on Parenting the Positive Discipline Way by Jane Nelsen and Lynn Lott as well as Marcilie’s eight years of life, leadership, and parenting coaching experience. 

Week 1: Introduction to Parenting with Positive Discipline during a Pandemic

Parenting is always hard but now it’s even harder as we attempt work from home, attend school from home, and hold on to some hope and sanity in the process. Tonight you will experience the difference between traditional methods of discipline and Positive Discipline, learn a tool to increase respectful cooperation from your children, and practice the “4 D’s” to lighten your load and expectations for yourself during this crisis.

Week 2: Surviving School and Camp Closures in the wake of COVID-19

Setting up expectations for the new normal, satisficing vs optimizing, and tools to keep your household humming while children are home including Connection before Correction, Routines, and Family Work (jobs or chores).  

Week 3: Children and Parents do better when they feel better: the role of Self Care and Emotional Regulation in positive parenting

Learn why punishment doesn’t work, 2 things every child needs for intrinsically motivated cooperation, emotional regulation tools for both adults and children, and why self-care is an essential tool for positive parenting.

Week 4: Holding Limits Firmly but not Sternly: parenting with kindness and firmness together

What is your parenting style – Firm, Kind, or Kind and Firm together? Tonight we’ll explore what it looks like to parent with kindness and firmness at the same time + practice a 3-step process to hold limits with connection, compassion and confidence.

When: Next class TBD  Convert to your time zone here. 

Where: Virtual Classroom using Zoom Meetings

Cost: $125/person or $200/couple

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Wondering how the Virtual Classroom works? FAQ’s are below.

How will the live, interactive, on-line class work?

This is a live, interactive class using Zoom video conferencing which is exceptionally easy to use. You will be given a URL link upon registration which will take you to the virtual classroom at the time of the event. We will role-play, practice skills/tools in pairs, have interactive discussions in both large groups and small groups using breakout rooms. You will see your facilitator as well as other class participants on screen. Marcilie has been facilitating interactive parenting classes via Zoom since 2016.

What are the system requirements?

Just about any computer or smartphone will work. As long as it was purchased within the last 15 years (some even longer) you will have no issue. You may also dial in using your phone, with or without camera. For more specific system requirements follow this link. However, a laptop or computer with camera is strongly preferred.

Can I participate using a mobile device?

Yes. You can use your smartphone with or without video by downloading the Zoom Meetings app and then entering the Meeting Room ID. You can also just dial in with a regular phone for audio only (although I recommend having the ability to see the video, as well as hear the audio.) A laptop or computer with camera is definitely preferred, however.

Does my computer or phone need a camera to participate?

No. While I hope that most people will choose to be seen (because it’s more like a real classroom that way), you do not need to have a camera and even if you do, you can choose not to use it.

For what ages of children is this class directed?

Ages 2 to teens. The philosophy and concepts presented in class apply to all ages (even adults!) however some tools are age-specific. Some tools can be modified for various ages and I will share modifications whenever appropriate. I enjoy having a mixed age group because parents learn so much from each other, not just the facilitator.

I can’t make it to all (or any) of the classes live.  Will they be recorded?

No.  However, each class is discrete and does not build upon the previous class.

I’d like my partner to attend with me.  Is that OK?

Yes. However there is an additional discounted charge for a 2nd caregiver.

What People Have To Say About Our Classes

“Positive Discipline is an amazing platform from which to parent — its approach is balanced, fair and respectful to all members of the family. I feel grateful to have been introduced to it and wish I had exposure to it earlier. I truly felt calmer after reading the first chapter of Jane Nelsen’s book, “Positive Discipline,” which was the basis of our class. Marcilie is a brilliant educator — she is positive, a clear thinker, and highly organized. She’s mastered the subject matter and presents both the theories and applied usage of Positive Discipline with just the right balance.”

– Jill Lindenbaum, Mother of 2 children, Piedmont, CA

“Marcilie is a great resource on Positive Discipline. I took her class because I wanted to be a better parent and learn new ways of disciplining. I came away with a solid understanding of the principles and some really good techniques under my belt. I also love that she’s easily accessible via email for questions, has a great resource page and that she lets you take the class again for free! I’d highly recommend her.”

– Corinna Lu, Mother of 2 children, San Francisco, CA

“Marcilie is an incredibly skilled facilitator who will help give you the tools to implement the positive discipline parenting approach. I had read about it before and tried to parent that way but found myself floundering and bouncing back and forth between being permissive and frankly, angry, that my kids were walking all over me. This class game me so many tools to improve my relationships with my children and I think it will have a long-term impact on my parenting. I know I will continually consult the resources she provided (my binder is like a bible now!)”

– Chiara Garonzik, Mother of 2 children, Los Gatos, CA


Marcilie Smith Boyle, MBA, CPCC, CPDT helps busy parents and professionals find more peace, purpose, and joy in parenting. A Certified Positive Discipline Parenting Educator and Leadership Coach, she leverages her previous sixteen-year consulting and marketing career to ensure her clients get a return on their coaching investment. She earned her MBA from Harvard Business School, BA from Dartmouth, and CPCC from The Co-active Training Institute. She loves living in Oakland, CA with her husband and three children.

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About Positive Discipline:

Positive Discipline (www.positivediscipline.com and www.positivediscipline.org) is a program designed to teach young people to become responsible, resourceful members of their communities. Based on the best selling “Positive Discipline” books by Jane Nelsen and others, it promotes self-discipline: doing the right thing when no one is watching, forcing, or bribing. This happens when we model and teach our children important social and life skills in a manner that is deeply respectful and encouraging for both children and adults. Positive Discipline teaches adults to employ kindness and firmness at the same time, and is neither punitive nor permissive.