Positive Discipline Roots 

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Message for Marcilie:

So you finished both of the 3-week mini-series but now find yourself craving the weekly reminder that got you closer to your parenting sweet spot. We’ve created this series JUST FOR YOU!

Join us each month to refresh your Positive Discipline perspective, and get support with parenting challenges through discussions and experiential activities. Together we’ll deepen and reinforce powerful Positive Discipline concepts to keep you on track.

This series is open to anyone who has taken at least 12 hours of Positive Discipline instruction.

Positive Discipline Roots Basic: Making It Stick includes:
  • 8 monthly reinforcing classes (if you begin in September)
  • membership in a private discussion group on Facebook

2015 – 2016 Dates and Topics:

Sept 28:  The Trouble With Consequences — Learn how to design consequences that are helpful, not hurtful

Oct 26:  The Kids Are Fighting . . . Again!  — Gain practical tools that you can use immediately to encourage more peaceful, cooperative sibling relationships.

Nov 30:  Uncovering the Mystery of Mistaken Goals  — Deepen your understanding of the Mistaken Goal Chart so you can get to the heart of your child’s behavior challenges.

Jan 25:  The Science of Positive Discipline  —  Learn how modern science is backing up what Psychiatrist Alfred Alder, the father of PD, theorized 100 years ago.

Feb 22:  Getting on The Same Parenting Page With Your Partner  —  What to do when two parents have very different parenting styles.

March 28:  Problem Solving Night  —  Bring your real-life parenting challenges to the floor.  We will address as many as we can handle!

April 25:  The Dignity Double-Bind  —  Learn why Adler calls Dignity the “Iron-clad law of social living,” and how parents can tap into its power to reduce misbehavior.

May 23:  TBD / Making It Stick  —  Tonight’s topic will be based on group input earlier in the year.  We will also lock in your learning and create supportive structures to make PD stick into the summer and beyond.

Format: Warm up; Experiential activity and discussion; Parents Helping Parents Problem Solving  Where: Musically Minded Academy, 5776 Broadway, Oakland, CA  When: The 4th Monday of each month from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. (With some exceptions. See dates above)  Facilitators: Lisa Fuller, MSW, CPCC and Certified Positive Discipline Trainer; Marcilie Smith Boyle, MBA, CPCC and Certified Positive Discipline Educator