Hey! Thank you for experimenting with me! This is all the info you need to be an Affiliate for Positive Discipline Roots.

Program Overview

Event Name: Positive Discipline Roots

Event Type: Once-a-month Positive Discipline reinforcing/deepening class from Sept – May (no class in December)

Target Audience: Parents and Caregivers who have already taken a 6-7 week Parenting the Positive Discipline Way series or a Teaching Parenting the Positive Discipline Way (“TP”) 2-day certification program.

Important Dates: Early Bird registration deadline is Aug 30, 2018; Final registration is September 23; Class begins September 24, 2018.

Affiliate Commission:  20% of each sale

Information about Positive Discipline Roots is here: https://workingparenting.com/roots-2018-2019

Promotion Resources:

Payment Details: 

  • Payment will come to you via Paypal
  • 30 day delay (because of money-back guarantee)

Step-By-Step Affiliate Instructions: 

  1. Become an affiliate for Positive Discipline Roots by giving me permission to sign you up (in which case I’ll do the rest of this process FOR you!) or go HERE to sign yourself up and follow the instructions. NOTE: I am using E-Junkie to manage my Roots registration process and affiliate program.

  2. Craft 1-3 emails (already written for you – see link in Resources above) to all the people who have taken your 6-7 week parenting series or TP in the past. Two or three emails will give you even better results (1-2 before early deadline of Aug 30, and one before the series begins on September 24, 2018.)

  3. Cut and paste your unique Affiliate Link into the email wherever indicated to do so, that will track people from your tribe who sign up for Roots. (your Affiliate Hop Link will look something like this: https://www.e-junkie.com/ecom/gb.php?cl=XXXXXX&c=ib&aff=YYYYYY) BE SURE to use this link so it can track you as the source of the referral. If I’ve done step 1 for you above, I will email you this link.

  4. Send the emails. When someone you refer signs up, you will receive a 20% affiliate fee (this will vary based on when the person signs up. If early, it’s 20% of $219 or $43.80.  If they sign up after Aug 30, it’s 20% of full fee of $259 = $51.80. If they take advantage of couple pricing, it’s more, of course.) You will be notified via email when a sale is made.

Right now, I only have room in the Virtual Classroom (15-20 spaces); so wherever your people live, they can participate if they have a smartphone or computer with internet.

Your people do not know me, and are unlikely to sign up without knowing me better, so part of the offer will be a money-back guarantee if they aren’t happy after the first class in September. I’ll also include a link to an interview I did with Casey, The Science of Positive Discipline and the Free Teleclass I’m offering in September so they can experience my style.

Thank you for your willingness to experiment with me!

Write me or call me with questions.


MarcilieSmithBoyle@gmail.com * 510-499-7720