Course Content:  5 Modules over 8 Weeks


Module 1:  Shift Your Perspective  (Weeks 1 & 2)

What you see is what you get

In this module, you will learn how powerful your perspective can be when it comes to parenting.  You will learn how to shift perspective in four ways, in order to make it easier to show up as a peaceful parent, and to find the right words to say in those tense moments with your kids.  You’ll also learn about Adlerian Psychology, the philosophy underlying Positive Discipline proposed 100 years ago by Alfred Adler, which has withstood the test of time and contemporary neuroscientific research.  The four perspective shifts are:

  • From discipline as punishment to discipline as teaching
  • From short term to long term
  • From focusing on the behavior to focusing on what’s driving it
  • From parent as behavior manager to parent as encourager and problem solver

You will leave with specific tools to help you maintain these new perspectives, taught through experiential activities.

Module 2:  Gain Tools (Weeks 2 – 4, and Week 6)

We Can Only Do What We’ve Learned How To Do 

In this module we will focus on filling your Positive Discipline tool box. You will learn:

  • Alternatives to rewards and punishments that both work and teach long term life skills
  • How to design consequences that are helpful, not hurtful
  • Two things every child needs for intrinsically motivated cooperation
  • 3 specific ways to help your kids build resilience and problem solving skills
  • My favorite 3-step process to set limits that stick
  • Many more tools to reduce defiance, power struggles, and other challenging behaviors

Module 3:  Take Care of Yourself (Week 5)

When you feel better, you do better.  

One of my favorite mantras from Positive Discipline is this:  “Kids do better when they feel better.”  (Jane Nelsen).  When kids feel well-fed, well-slept, and when they feel a strong sense of belonging and significance, it’s so much easier for them to behave in the way we’d like.  The same is true for adults.  It’s really hard to show up as a peaceful, positive parent when you are sleep-deprived, stressed out, over-worked, unappreciated, resentful or just plain unhappy.

In this module you will uncover what’s blocking you from taking better care of yourself and  leave with a specific action plan to put yourself closer to the top of your priority list.

Module 4:  Share The Load  (Week 7)

If you feel like you’re doing all the work, it’s probably because you are.  

In Adlerian Psychology and Positive Discipline, everyone in the family has a role in creating a smoothly-running and happy home.   You’ll learn step-by-step activities you can do with your partner and your kids in order to share the load, teach life skills, and give everyone the opportunity to contribute.

Module 5:  Enjoy the Ride  (Week 8)

It’s all about the journey.  

We’ll end the series with more tools and tips to help you step outside of your busyness, and re-connect with the joy and awesomeness in parenting.  You’ll get:

  • my favorite tool to help you remain present with your kids
  • what mindfulness looks like when you’re trying to get out the door but your kids are driving you crazy
  • tips for keeping the joy and fun alive and well

Note:  Exact content and order may shift or change based on participant needs

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